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Fans Shouldn’t Compare me with Ben Stokes: Faheem Ashraf

Faheem Ashraf unhappy with the fans who compare him with Ben Stokes
Faheem Ashraf unhappy with the fans who compare him with Ben Stokes

Fans Shouldn’t Compare me with Ben Stokes: Faheem Ashraf:

Pakistan’s star all-rounder Faheem Ashraf joined in the Latest Episode of “Inside Edge” and shared his story and how Islamabad Inited has helped in his grooming, his comparison with Ben Stokes and much more.

When inquired about the preparations for the upcoming stage of PSL and how the players are coping with the heat in Abu Dhabi, Faheem said that their quarantine is going rather well and they have just had a practice session which has gelled players together and so far, the arrangements have been quite good and the United squad is enjoying it.

His career has had quite a lot of ups and downs but how much Faheem credits Islamabad United for his grooming and his recent run of form?

“Islamabad united just as their name goes (United) are a very well-connected family. The players, managers, coaches are all like friends with each other and no one feels superior to anyone else in our team. We are all like friends and I can’t thank United enough for the role they have played in my grooming” Faheem Stated

We also asked Faheem about the famous “Roti Group” and how it all started? to which Faheem replied:

“Basically, we all are very fond of going out and eating at places so what we did was that during the New Zealand tour in 2018, we created a Whatsapp group so that rather than messaging everyone personally, we can all just send a message in the group and decide what to have or where to eat. Initially, this group had Mohammad Nawaz, Shadab, Hasan, Fakhar and myself but later on Asif Ali also became a part of it”

Another Question was asked that Hasan Ali recently became a part of Islamabad United, can we expect the remaining “Roti group” members like Nawaz and Fakhar also joining the franchise in the future?

“ (laughs) look we have a simple rule that applies to our ‘roti group’ which is that, whoever wants to join our group can join it and whoever wants to leave it, can leave it. The same goes for playing for United or not. Anyone who wants to join our team will be welcomed but there is no pressure on any player to join our franchise because of our ‘roti group’. We are all professionals and enjoying playing even besides each other and against each other as well”

Q) Your bowling has always been handy but in limited overs cricket, we have seen that your batting position has been experimented with a lot. What batting number suits you the best or where would you like to bat in the order?

“Look this is not a club team or a street cricket team where whatever I want to do and wish for will be accepted. This is Pakistan’s national team and there are no excuses for me to not perform on any given position because I can be asked to bat in the top, middle or lower order as per the team’s requirement. I always try to do my best and perform for my country irrespective of my batting position”

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Faheem was a part of the CT17 winning squad, he has a T20I hat trick and many other milestones in your short career. Upon being asked on what does he want to achieve in the future? Faheem Revealed:

“Personally, If I honestly tell you then I don’t remember any of those milestones because I believe that you need to try and focus on improving and performing better with each passing day as per the expectations of your family, friends, team mates and my nation. I always look forward to doing well in the future rather than recalling my past performances because they don’t matter in the future’s context”

Faheem Ashraf Full Interview with Cricset PK

Rapid Fire Round With Faheem Ashraf:

What would Faheem Ashraf be, if not a cricketer?

“I would be in the army. I was very passionate about joining the army but as I grew up, I found studies to be very tough and had more interest in playing cricket. So, I gave up on my passion of joining the army because I was not very good in studies”

Who do you idolize as an all-rounder?

“To be honest I didn’t idolize any particular cricketer. It was just that during my street cricket days, I wanted to not limit myself as a batsman only so I always used to bowl as well. Most cricketers in Pakistan tend to do that because if you limit yourself as a batsman or bowler only then you will get bored fielding for most part of the match. I did love watching Mohammad Asif bowl and also used to watch Chris Gayle’s huge sixes specially during the T20 world cup in 2007”

What do you like more? Batting or bowling?

“I love batting. I think you will get the same answer from most of the players because batting is easier and no one wants to do much bowling”

Favorite hobby?

“I love to read and get knowledge about history. It could be on any matter but I love to know the historical background of things. Other than that, I just hang out with my friends whenever I get bored.”

Who is your best friend?

“Hassan, Shadab, Asif are all very dear friends of mine. It would be difficult to name one but most of the times at least 2 of us are together if not all of us”

Who do you guys tease the most in your group?

“We love to tease Hasan Ali”

Best captain you have played under?

“All of them have been quite good but in my opinion, if you are friendly with your mates then you are a good captain who can motivate players, back them during tough times and get the best out of the them. Misbah bhai was a lot senior so there was a lot of respect for him. Sarfaraz Ahmed was actually a very good captain and I enjoyed playing under him. My bond with Babar is getting strong with time, so I am enjoying his leadership as well”

Who is your favourite all-rounder currently in world cricket?

“No particular favorite but Ben Stokes and Hardik Pandya are very good players and I watch their videos and their strengths, analyse Them and try to replicate those in my game. I try to take the best of those players and try to add those things in my game but I believe everyone has their own style and own strengths and weaknesses. I do not like people calling me “Faheem Stokes” because I am a Muslim and I have my own identity. They ridicule my name which is something I don’t like. Fans should try to keep these things away because everyone has their own identity and I have my own, which is ‘Faheem Ashraf’

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